daily rates & fully insured

Gear List (excluding small things)
-Sony a7 IV
-24-70mm f2.8 g Master
-16-35MM F4 Ziess
-50mm F1.4
-DJI Mavic Pro
-DJI Ronin RS4 (Gimbal)
-Rodelink Filmaker mic set
-Secondary Lav Mic Set
-Zoom H6 recorder
-Blackmagic Atem Mini Switchboard

My rates have a three hour minimum. I come with all my gear. I can shoot on my own sd cards and transfer you the footage, or I can shoot on the sd card that you supply and give it to you at the end of the day which is preferred. Contact me for rates. 

I come with all my gear included in my rate. 

Let me know before hand if you would like certain gear to be brought so I can make sure I have it at the ready.

You reach out to me by filling out the contact form on the bottom of this page. If the date is available I will book it for you. I come out and shoot with you or for you for how ever long you need. I charge by the hour and do not do 30 minute intervals.

Before hand let me know your shooting style, what shots you are looking for and if you want me to use certain Frame rates, or other settings for your shoot.

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